Assessment Tools

An Integrated Suite

For end-to-end development

Our assessment tools represent an integrated theory, method, and suite of measures for providing leaders with the self-awareness needed to enhance their versatility and impact as well as feedback about their ongoing development.


360 Feedback, Totally Reimagined For A Rapidly Changing World

Develop More Complete Leaders

Build the broader perspective and wider range of behaviors required in today’s complex environment.

Pinpoint Overused Strengths

Use our patented too little / too much rating scale to show leaders what to do more – or perhaps even less.

Create A Clear Path Forward

Develop the ability to harmonize the opposing but complementary skills of the leadership balancing act.


A Brief, Expert Interpretation of Hogan Personality Results

Captures the Whole Person

Our comprehensive report integrates the HPI, HDS, and MVPI into a clear picture for self-awareness and development.


Expert analysis reconciles complexities and makes the critical connections that only an experienced eye can see.


Dramatically reduces analysis and preparation time so you can focus on coaching and developing the leader.


Now, You Can Measure the Impact of Development

Demonstrates Return On Investment

Clearly shows the behavior changes and new skills and competencies acquired from coaching and development.

Works Seamlessly With Your Approach

Plug & Play with any assessment or profiling method, any coaching or development program.

Transforms Development

Assessment, goal setting, and development become a well-defined, end-to-end process with measurable results.

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