Progress Report

Now, you can measure the impact of development

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“This simple, powerful tool lets our leaders know how much they’ve moved the needle and helps us to demonstrate the impact of our development programs.”

- Andy Billings
Head of Profitable Creativity, Electronic Arts

Clearly Shows Improvement So Far and Guides Further Development

The Missing Link in Talent Development

Organizations invest a lot of time and money in coaching, training, and development. Traditionally, they have had a limited ability to measure whether their investment has paid off in improved behaviors, skills, or improved competencies. In addition, coaches and talent professionals have struggled to demonstrate the value of their work.

Progress Report fills that gap. Simple, targeted, and easy to understand, it clearly shows the improvements in behavior, acquisition of new skills, and development of new competencies that result from coaching and development.

Plug & Play With Your Development Approach

Thoroughly adaptable, Progress Report works seamlessly with any:

Upfront Assessment

  • 360 (survey or interviews)
  • Competency Model
  • Personality Profile

Development Process

  • Coaching
  • Leadership Program
  • Performance Management & Goal Setting System

Adds Accountability

By defining specific behaviors, skills, and competencies, the individual focuses their developmental efforts. And by asking a group of peers, employees, and their manager to rate their improvement, the individual holds themself accountable to achieving those goals.

Customized Content

You can tailor Progress Report to measure only those behaviors, skills, and competencies identified as the individual’s highest priorities. Some start with items from an initial 360 or the behaviors specified in a development plan. All measure exactly what the individual has focused on improving.

Plus improvement is measured with just a few, targeted rating items. Most Progress Report surveys include 6 to 8 specific items that only takes stakeholders a few minutes to complete.

Patented, Intuitive Rating System

Progress Report quickly and clearly shows where performance has gotten better, remained unchanged, or gotten worse.

U.S. Patent No. 7,121,830

Plus, it provides clear feedforward for how to continue improving by showing what to do more, what to do less, and where improvement is right on target.

U.S. Patent No. 7,121,830

Taken together, these two metrics show the individual where they have moved the needle—but need further improvement, as well as where they may have overcorrected—and need to dial it back.

Supports and Reinforces Development

Seeing that others recognize their improvement, individuals are encouraged to know that their time, effort, and energy has paid off.

Guides Future Improvement

With feedforward providing a clear picture of what to do next, Progress Report shows the individual how to keep learning, developing, and improving.

Transforms Assessment and Goal Setting

With Progress Report, assessment, goal setting, and development are transformed from a series of ambiguous events into a well defined, end-to-end process with measurable results.

Now, You Can Know

By quantifying the recognized impact of individual improvement, Progress Report clearly shows coaches, talent professionals, organizations, and leaders themselves the value of their investment in training and development.

How It Works

A quick look at the key components of Progress Report


Progress Report Fact Sheet

A brief summary of the Progress Report and its advantages

Sample Report

The simple way to measure behavior change