Integrated Personality Summary

Synthesizes Hogan personality results into a brief, customized, narrative summary.

Sample Report

“There is an almost overwhelming amount of data available in our reports. The IPS does a fabulous job of simplifying those results in a comprehensive and systematic way.”

- Dr. Robert Hogan
President, Hogan Assessment Systems

Cut down on preparation and spend more time on coaching and development

The Integrated Personality Summary (IPS)

Reveals the pattern and explains the meaning of a leader's profile on the industry-leading suite of assessments from Hogan (HPI, HDS & MVPI).

Captures The Whole Person

Shows you how the leader's core values, performance facilitators, and potential derailers are woven together in their unique individuality.

Provides Deep Insight

Each IPS report is handcrafted by a professional who has deep expertise interpreting Hogan profiles and provides a straightforward explanation of the impact that the subtleties and nuances have on the individual's leadership capabilities, potential, and pitfalls.

Simplifies Complexity

Designed to provide a step-by-step review of MVPI, HPI, and HDS results, the IPS nets out to a one-page, integrated summary of the defining themes. The process provides the leader with a clear understanding of what makes them tick, their strengths, and potential derailers. And this sharpened self-awareness provides the foundation for your coaching and development.

Easy To Order

You can either have us administer the Hogan assessments or you can administer them and simply provide us with the results. Within five days, we send you an IPS report that is ready to review with the leader.

“The IPS is a game changer! It takes the value of the Hogan personality suite to a completely new level by making the results easy to understand and practical to act upon.”

- Peter C. Cairo, Ph.D.
President, Cairo & Associates
20+ years-experience using Hogan with senior executives