Let’s elevate your impact

We’ll start by showing you the impact you're having now. We’ll show you how the people you lead want to be led. And we’ll show you how to develop the leadership skills and behaviors that will make them more engaged, agile, and effective.

We Coach You As An Individual

Because you are one

We won’t push you through a cookie-cutter process. You will work with a coach who is at least as experienced in developing leaders as you are in being one. We will build your development program around you, your organization, and the people you are called to lead.

We balance confidentiality and transparency

This is a personal process. You may see ways you act or ways others perceive your actions that you’d like to keep private. We won’t talk with anyone else about that. You will.

You’ll talk with your colleagues about what you’re learning about yourself. You’ll let them know what you are doing about it. You will seek their suggestions and ask for their support. We assess and coach. You act.

You will make a difference

You will discover — and acquire — the mindsets and skillsets to better lead the people you are working with now, in the organization you work for now. You will be surprised by some of what you learn. You will be inspired to raise your game.

Others will see your progress. They will tell you where you have improved and how to keep getting better.

You will be rewarded by bottom-line results. You will create the leadership your organization needs. And in doing that, you will expand your capabilities and future prospects.

Our Development Formula

A thoughtfully designed process with four stages

1 | Assess

Stakeholder Involvement
Data Gathering

2 | Plan

Data Synthesis
Robust Development Roadmapping

3 | Act

Coaching & Advising

4 | Evaluate

Progress Tracking & Performance Measurement


Stakeholder involvement

Leaders maximize the effectiveness of groups. Better leaders create better teams. Better teams create better leaders. That makes leader development a team sport. Depending on your situation, we will put your manager, peers, direct reports, human resources partners, and board members on your development team.

Data gathering

Development takes you from where you are to where you need to be. Like any journey, it’s easier to get where you’re going if you know where you are.

We locate where you are in others’ perceptions of your leadership, your personality, and your focus. Through personal interviews, formal assessment tools, and a review of your career history, we map out your current location in your career, your organization, and your personal development.


Data synthesis

Assessment tools and interviews produce a multitude of data points. Until you start thinking about them, they can be little more than a fog of facts. We analyze your data with you to boil it all down into action-oriented insights.

We bring the light and heat that clears away the fog. When the fog clears, you may be surprised by what you see, but you will see exactly where to start working.

Robust development roadmapping

Once you know where you are and what your next destination needs to be, we help you map your route. You will know what to emphasize more, and perhaps what to dial back, to improve your impact on the people you lead. You will understand how to be a more effective leader for these people in this organization, and you will have a clear path to becoming that leader.


Coaching and advising

We walk that path with you, supporting your efforts, and challenging you to push harder. Together, we celebrate your wins. When you veer off course, we’ll help you get back on track. And all along the way, we stay focused on your career aspirations, your organization’s strategy, and how to have the best, most positive impact on the people you lead and the results they achieve.


Progress tracking and measurement

We keep your plan — your map — with you throughout your journey. Through follow-up interviews and surveys, we track your progress. We review your results with you and your key stakeholders. We check to see that you’re reaching your goals. And most important, we measure the impact of your enhanced leadership in the engagement, agility, and effectiveness of those you lead.