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Carol Marsh

LVI Master Facilitator

My career path in human resources, organizational strategy, and talent development afforded a rich opportunity to partner with diverse leaders in a wide variety of businesses. Those partnerships involved thinking through challenging issues and creating an effective path to get the results that matter most. They also gave me a wide-angle lens on how different leaders think—as well as what they don’t naturally think about.

I rely on curiosity, care, and candor to learn about a leader’s expectations, goals, and aspirations. Knowing where they want to go, I bring objective, outside-in data through assessments and dial up my collaboration skills to make sense of those results together and thoughtfully craft a realistic plan for them to become a broader, more capable leader.

The LVI gives leaders a clear perspective on how and what they lead with specific call outs on strengths overused and critical gaps. The beauty of this insight is that it enables them to home in with sensible, practical steps to fine tune their leadership versatility for greater success.