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Future of HR podcast - Leadership for the Next Normal

Rob and his good friend and colleague, JP Elliott (host of the Future of HR podcast), sat down for a conversation about how Rob got into leadership in the first place and his views on how leadership has changed since 2020. They discuss what's different and what's the same as we move into a post-pandemic world and explore such topics as:

  • Why being a leader today is more challenging than it was prepandemic
  • How leaders can develop empathy and why it matters
  • Why empathy alone is not enough--and needs to be balanced with accountability for results
  • How HR and Talent pros can build future-ready leaders
  • Why leaders should be wary of the "strengths movement"
  • How the key to leading in a disruptive world is the meta-competency, versatility
  • And the phrase of the podcast, "No learning in the comfort zone, no comfort in the learning zone"

Hear the conversation at Future of HR (or at Apple or Spotify).FutureHR_RKaiserEp26

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