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New research from Kaiser Leadership Solutions and our expanded network of colleagues blends clear thinking and powerful data to challenge conventional wisdom. This work was presented at the 2015 annual conference of the Society for Industrial-Organizational Psychology in Philadelphia, April 23-25, 2015.


Download Rob’s presentation, The Accountability Crisis

In Robert Hogan’s symposium, The Dark Side of Employee Engagement, Rob Kaiser discussed The Accountability Crisis: shockingly, 2 out of 3 senior managers around the world don’t hold employees accountable for poor performance. Worse, the lack of accountability is a significant reason for the widespread epidemic of employee disengagement–although no one is talking about it.

See more on Rob’s work on the accountability crisis:


Download Rob’s presentation, Gender Bias and Substantive Differences in Leadership

In a symposium on Changing the Narrative on the Leadership Gender Agenda, Rob and his colleagues, Jackie SahmWanda Wallace, and Peter Wright used data, experience, and corporate examples to provide radically new solutions for solving the problem of too few women in senior leadership.

  • Jackie Sahm analyzed a huge data set from the Hogan Assessment Systems archive to show how the personalities of women executives defy common stereotypes–the same stereotypes that popular discussions of women in leadership are built upon. (Download Jackie’s presentation, Beyond Gender Stereotypes)
  • Rob reported results from gender audits of 6 global companies that show little evidence of bias against women leaders, and in fact some evidence of bias in support of women leaders. His data also showed how one reason women aren’t reaching top jobs may be because they get boxed in to the implementor role and aren’t seen as strategic enough to lead across the enterprise. (Download Rob’s presentation, Gender Bias and Substantive Differences in Leadership; read the Talent Quarterly article on this research)
  • Wanda Wallace debunked some  popular mythology around the gender agenda in showing how a new narrative–one more consistent with the data Jackie and Rob presented–can open new avenues for achieving greater gender parity in corporate leadership. (See more of Wanda’s research with Rob here)
  • And Peter Wright discussed the exciting potential of these research findings and practical interventions from the perspective of his years of experience as a senior HR leader deeply concerned with diversity, fairness, and high performance.

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