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Versatile Leadership: The Polish Dilemma

Rob’s keynote speech at a conference in Warsaw sponsored by the Polish business magazine, Puls Biznesu, reviewed the Leadership Versatility model along with data on Polish business leaders in the context of the country’s evolving economy. The data point to a paradox: Polish leaders are less versatile than their counterparts throughout Europe, yet the Polish economy has been the darling of Europe, the only economy not to slide into recession since the turn of the century.

Rob engaged audience members from the Polish business community and government organizations on the central question: why change a command-and-control style that still seems to be working? 

See Rob’s presentation for the answer.

See more on the conference, MIKROKOREKTY – MAKROEFEKTY: Paradoksy nowatorskiego przywództwa, zarzadzanie soba i zmianami (Microcorrection—Macroeffect: The paradoxes of innovative leadership, self-management and change.)

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