The Team that Jelled

An external consultant did LVI feedback and coaching with five members of a marketing team and asked for advice on how to leverage the individual results for team development to promote cohesion and teamwork. We provided an LVI Team Behavior Report, along with the following design recommendation for a 3-hr team building session:


15 min each

Each leader takes a turn sharing

  • Speak from the heart about what you learned about yourself—both your superpowers and opportunities for development (using the LVI Balance Sheet follow-through tool).
  • Share what adjustments you are committed to making, the impact you expect that to have, and how you do it (based on the LVI Development Plan follow-through tool).
  • Invite the others to offer affirming and constructive comments and suggestions.


30 min

Review the LVI Team Behavior Report


1 hr

Facilitate a group conversation about what all of this means for us as a team

  • What are our core capabilities? (shared strengths)
  • How can we better leverage the unique talents each of us brings? (complementary strengths)
  • What are our collective gaps and blind spots? (things we need to do better as a team)
    • New rules of engagement for working with one another
    • New operating principles for how we relate to the broader organization

After the session, the consultant replied:

“I wanted to follow up on your super helpful advice about working with LVI in a group. Bottom line: there was a lot personal connection and the meeting was very effective at bringing the team members closer together. It set them on a clear path to improved teamwork!”